This site is under constant construction.

You will find, below and on the left, links to other websites I have designed. Some of them, for example the Oakland Raiders or England sites, are only mock-ups, designed to showcase my talent as a web designer, and were never intended to be updated.

Wherever possible I now use CSS to design the layout of a page, rather than using the familier table tags. This allows for greater flexibility on page design, and also keeps the page size down, thereby heightening page download times.

So, in chronological order, these are the sites that I have made:

Oakland Raiders An Oakland Raiders 'fansite'. This was the first 'proper' website I created (rather than just individual bits of HTML). It was made using tables for the layout (I hadn't heard of using CSS by this time). It was also never really designed to be updated - more of a kind of test to see what I could do at the time.
Pride of England Again, the layout was created with tables, and it was never designed to be kept up-to-date. This was a 'fansite' for all England team sports (Football, Rugby & Cricket). It features some rather fancy Javascript menu options along the top. Unfortunately they don't actually lead anywhere.
English Football
in Europe
This was my first proper attempt at using pure CSS for the layout. It is a site showing the success of English football teams in European club competition. Like the earlier sites it just a mock-up and only the first couple of clubs have a page (Arsenal & Aston Villa).
Byways Dental Practice My first client requested website project! My local dentist hired me to put together their new website. All created in CSS where applicable, including the menu.
Jester of the Globe Still under Construction! I am currently building the website for John Ballanger "The Jester of the Globe".